I went out for a walk a little while ago.
I went to a popular place but I thought it would not be very busy as people would have gone home to eat.
There were more people than I expected.
Apart from me and a man by himself, all the rest were couples and about 3 families.

I felt so alone.

This is a place we would go when the weather was nice. It felt so strange to be there without him. So lonely.


I do sympathise with how you are feeling. Ive been on my own now for 18 months and very often I feel so alone when amongst other people. I put on a brave face, smile and chat when appropriate, but inside I feel so sad. I cant wait to get back to my home where I can just be myself.

I live in the hope that things will get easier for all of us here with time. Be kind to yourself and know that you are not alone.


No you are not alone. We all know how you feel. Seeing couples is hard.
I was with friends last night and i just wanted to tell them to cherish each other and spend every minute together, and to talk about what they want for each other.
Of course I didn’t , they’d have probably thought I was mad.
We didn’t choose this single life, we didn’t choose to be alone. Now we’ve got to try and make a new life.
I wish someone could tell me how :thinking:

Big hugs to everyone


It is so hard to see couples. I look at them all the time now and wonder why they get to be together when I have lost my husband and am alone.
Life can be so cruel.
Sending hugs to all xx


I think we probably all feel the same when seeing or in the company of couples. When in a supermarket I notice couples a lot. They are shopping together with their full trolleys and me with my small basket. I think every aspect of our lives have been impacted. I don’t know the answer. But it hurts.X


We used to often go out for a coffee to different places. I have been to some of these places but they always seem to be full of couples and that obviously upsets me. It is the same with walking, people always seem to be with someone else. I know walking is good for me but I just don’t like walking alone. Hopefully things will get better and I won’t find these things so upsetting x

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Totally understand. Yesterday I went to a place we loved in the sunny weather.

I felt so lonely.

So many couples.

I thought that used to be us. Why isn’t it us?

Sending a big hug.

Rose x


It’ s horrible and such a lonely road. I went out with my daughter and her partner, which was so kind of them. I got out of the car and stood their with this over whelming feel of fear and i could feel tears pouring down my face. I felt like my heart had been ripped out. I have so maby emotions from guilt, anger, disappointment and feelings of despair. I keep saying to myself it will end but it wobt really ! Big hugs xx