Covid_19 - death of a loved one

Hello all,
Recently lost my Dad to Covid_19, traumatic loss, as he had no underlying health conditions.
I am grieving, there is no questions about that, as I regularly breakdown and feel so exhausted!!
On top of this, I am in turmoil inside as my mum and Dad were not together, I was born many years, my Dad and I started our relationship when I was an adult, at this time he had married and had children who are now adults. My mum too got married and then had more children. My Dad’s children do not know about me, even now . . .my Dad said to me that he would tell them when the time was right…his wife (who I dont know that well, although she is a nice lady) said my Dad said to her that their children should not know about me. My Dad’s death was sudden and not expected, …My Dad’s wife and their children live locally to me. I am asking for advice…what would you do, should they find out about me, not necessarily now but in the future.

Angel x

Hi Angel is is very hard situation. My husband passed 4 months ago we have 2 children he had another son many years ago whose 36 now his mother only told him when he was in his 30s that Mick was his dad he got in touch said he wanted to meet us all but never turned up. After Micks death he has been in touch and is riddled with guilt about not meeting his dad and brother and sister we have agreed to meet him when lockdown is more settled. Xx Take care

Thank you x