Covid neglect led to my brothers death

I’m not sure how I’m supposed to cope with my grief when I feel that my brother could have been saved had it not been for all the stupid covid regulations. We now face an enquiry and I know my nephew is so worried that he will learn that his dad died needlessly . I’m sure there are lots of other families in our position at this time too.

Dear @Susie55, so many people have died because of the terrible way this pandemic has been handled, some directly, like my dad, some indirectly, like your brother. My dad should not have died when he did, and I feel for you that you will have to through an inquiry to ascertain the details of your brother’s sad passing away. I wish all the best to you and his family during this difficult time.

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How are you, Susie55? I have only just spotted your post, I am sorry that you haven’t got much response.
Take care and stay safe,

Thankyou Mary. After losing my brother I now have got corona virus so haven’t been in here much. I’m doing ok tho . Xx

I am very sorry, Susie, I hope that your symptoms are mild. Our son and his partner told me that both of them have it too, I was going to stay with them for a few days. I cancelled because the area in which they live is rife with it, may I suggest that you keep warm, drink plenty, rest and take paracetamol.
Take care and I hope that you will be well again soon. x x x

Thanks Mary. We are at the end of our isolation period but it’s completely wiped us out. Still not feeling too good. X

You are very welcome, Susie, I understand that it is the after-effects of this vicious illness are nearly as bad as the condition it’s self.
I have been told that rest is the only way to overcome it and it takes a lot of time, X

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