Creating an Anchor,

I passed this idea onto a couple of people andmthey seemed to like it.
Thought I might share.

When you’re grieving (week 6 for me,after a 2myear cancer struggle) it can seem like your attacked and battered around by the memories.

I decided ,not just to write them down, put them in a calendar and create anniversary/memory days.
Especially if its a good memory.

Anything that is allowed, the smallest thing that made you laugh -just between the two of you

Today is “hug gratitude” day. In memory of my diary entry 2 years ago. So I remember that simple feeling of love, in a simple hug. when she was with me.

There is also the fear of forgetting,so this might help with that.


Thank you for sharing, those hugs are one of the things I miss. S xx