Cried Over A Silly Thing

I am coping pretty well I think but silly things upset me the most, take tonight for example I emptied the freezer, a lot of the things are so out of date his illness took over things. As I emptied the foods, his foods I ended up on the kitchen floor curled up crying my eyes out, anyone finding this?

Silver lady

Dont worry your definitely not on your own in any shape or form.

I have a freezer full of my wifes cooking which I can’t even look at …her writing on each one with the dates.

I lost my soul mate just over 6 weeks ago now. Lonleyness and a craving for her back doesn’t even come close.

I think we are the broken souls on earth … I have plenty of photos that I keep talking to each day … where do we go from here I have no answers but as people say … it s not moving on …its moving forward … with our loved one by our side…till we meet again.

Take care


Hi Mark
Thank you for your reply and I am sorry for your loss,your reply made me smile as you have the same name as my hubby and I am originally from Bradford, a sign perhaps. I am sorry you are still very much in the early stages, I am 6months on. I would like to say somethings do get easier, I got a dog (3months in) and she has helped, I keep creating new focuses as it helps, I give myself one task a day, you are right we do not move on but we are capable of moving forward. When you try to explain it to other people it’s hard unless they have experienced it and even then each journey is different. We are a similar age I think, I think that the only way is to say to you at first your in the sea way out giant waves crashing around and as such your ups and downs are huge and constant, the you move closer to the shore the waves get smaller less frequent until you get to a point where you are treading water (my stage) and hopefully you will get to the point of never being out of the water but just paddling. Silly I know but that’s how it feels to me. Again I am sorry for your loss and thank you for reaching out, talk to people on here it does really help. Take care sending a virtual hug. X

Hi I have been on this journey longer than both of you but still have the tears at the silliest things. I posted recently about having a mouse in the conservatory and putting something down but when I found it, it was little field mouse and Brian adored them, I felt like a murderer and burst into tears. I can’t touch his tools as he was so fussy about them.
I make sure that I have something constructive to do each day and none are wasted. I do all the things we loved doing together and make sure that I do not feel sorry for myself all the time but sometimes it is just too hard and we have to let out our pain. The tears are a release and a reminder of our love.

Hi Pat
I agree I have a list that hubby and I put together, this has been my focus, not all are big I try and achieve one thing a day and it’s helping but as you said the emotions swell up kick the cr*p out of me but afterwards I’m ok.
Take care x

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