Cruel life

Ha ha I hope your dogs like your music Oscar, and don’t bark when you are playing your guitar. Made me laugh (hope that doesn’t offend you)… a rebel with two labradors and a stick! Went to a status quo concert in Brighton one year and there were a load of head bangers there, but most of them had no hair! We all forget we are getting older, but there is always the young version of ourselves locked away inside.

Woof woof my bark is better than my singing. Years ago I played as support to Status Quo also a friend of mine was a road manager. You can’t offend me I do a good job myself. Eric Clapton and Hendrix was my thing in the 60s. When I was at school being in a band was accepted as a career. If it wasn’t for me playing guitar I would never have met the love of my life.

I was born in London lived in London but I was from the East end everyone knew everyone no one locked there doors they just walked in. When I married we lived in North London it was souless so we moved. I’m not at all bothered about going out with others at the moment I never used to before so why should I now

Hi Oscar
Your remark about the guitar and you now playing the tunes your wife hated, made me chuckle. My dad played violin and when my mum died he wouldn’t touch it again. He said the only reason he played it was for my mum and to be honest she couldn’t stand it.

I hadn’t played guitar for many year’s in fact I didn’t even have a guitar. Now I have 4 guitars. I’m not very good at playing 6 string I was a bassists but learning again is keeping me going.

I’m lucky were I live it’s sheltered bungalow it’s all old people and we all talk and try and look after each other. When we first moved here 10yrs ago I was one of the youngest being in my late 50s. I still think I am the youngest being 68 now. Any tech problems they come to me. I run my house on my phone heating,lights & TV. My bank is online all my bills are all online. I embrace technology. It keeps me in touch I don’t use zoom or anything like that. Hoping now if we get a summer walking to the local pub and sitting outside watching the world go by, couldn’t do it last year when lockdown was eased due to my cancer treatment. Also looking at holiday with my friend I haven’t seen for over a year now. We are in regular contact.

I’ve looked on Prostate Cancer website and they don’t do follow up scans it’s all controlled by blood tests if levels start to rise they then look at it when offered the treatment I have kept a backup drug I can have in the future when my body gets used to what I’m on now.

Wish your cancer stay under control, keep an eye on it.
I think you are foing better than me with technology.

My inspiration is my departed wife never give up I watched her go throw 2 quadruple heart by passes both times she was out in 7 days she had no time for the ones in the ward with who were saying they won’t recover that was never in mind. I will carry on as she did will only give up when I know it’s hopeless. I’m not willing to let the loss of my wife bring me down. I still love and I owe it to her to carry on and keep an eye on My grandchildren and great grandchildren.

Hello @Oscar. I am pleased that the strength and courage shown by your wife will give you the will to carry on looking after yourself in the same stoic way that she did. She truly was an inspiration to you.
Love and light.x

Hi Oscar
I have been reading your posts with interest and you have made me smile as I was once considered a rebel also. I love your attitude and I also try hard to have a reasonable life. My husband would have no time for self pity and was so brave and determined throughout his illness. He has inspired me.
I am having to do repairs at our allotments and having to use my husbands tools and I can hear him saying. “Don’t you dare leave them lying around” “Put them away after you” “Make sure you have cleaned them properly” and I don’t think he would be too impressed with my attempts as he was a perfectionist, so I keep telling him I am doing my best. I had to read instruction to see how to use them but it’s all good fun along with un-lady like language at times.
I have not found the lock down difficult at all. I go out for long walks every day and work on our allotments, Fridays I do voluntary work at a church in the grounds in an idyllic setting, so I keep busy. I sometimes see family but don’t expect them to keep coming to see me. I see plenty of people while out and that suits me.
I actually dread the end of lock down as I like the quiet roads and hate the noise that will come from gardens now, along with the dreadful smell of burnt meat wafting my way.
My husband was a musician and was singer guitar player in his band. When he died he had three guitars and other instruments. I sold all except his keyboard which I might have a go at playing. I have a photo of the guitar he played on stage and it is beside one of him on stage playing it.
Yes, we have to keep telling ourselves that tomorrow will be a good day.
Good luck to you Oscar.

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I also played in a band from the age of 13 we was playing in clubs etc and was professional from when I left school till I met my wife. When lockdown hit it made no difference as I hadn’t been going out anyway.

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