My mum died 3 years age I have never cried what is wrong with me it wasn’t a shock when she died because she was poorly I went to see her to say good bye don’t know f she knew I was there or not my sisters took it very hard ,I told them last year that I hadn’t cryed and they thought I was artful as they could still cry then ,am I just hard

Hello Philip.

Sorry for the loss of your Mum 3 years ago. I lost my Husband 5 years ago and my Mum 3 weeks ago. She had Alzheimer’s.

You may have not cried physical tears but I’m guessing you’ve shed many “invisible” tears. In the thoughts you think, the experiences you go through, the things you see beauty in etc. The big things and the tiny everyday, mundane things.

My siblings are functioning and going to work etc but I just want to hide away. Each sibling will have different ways of coping because you each have different characters.

If it bothers you, it’s never too late to speak with someone about how you feel, but only do it for you, not because others think you should.

Sending warm wishes to you.

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Thank you for your kind words my relationship with my mum was very different than my sisters what you said made sense to me

Thank you for saying there is nothing wrong with me hearing that from someone who knows how I feel is a comfort

I’m sorry you’ve lost your Mum. You can still grieve a loss and not cry.
Take care.

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Thank you for taking the time to reply

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Hi Phillip
i know a few people who have never cried at loosing some one then others who cant stop crying the re no right or wong way to grieve over someone it doesnt mean you dont love that person any less

all the best