Wish someone lives near me to come for a chat and cuddle to help with this loneliness talking to family does not help I don’t need telling you will get over this they don’t understand

We won’t get over this. We will learn to build our life around our grief and there will always be moments of happiness but sadness also. They will not understand until it affects them. After a lifetime of love with our soulmates we don’t get over it. We live with the heartache every day. Tell them that. Xx

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I will do thankyou Nel x

Sending a hug Ron x

Sitting her all alone again been doctors got some sleeping pill just can’t turn mind off how do you cope with this Jen it’s unbearable x

Hi Ron. I take sleeping pills otherwise I just wouldn’t sleep. I’ve been taking for a year. I may one day sleep without them but for now I can’t. I used to beat myself up over it but now I take the tablet and sleep otherwise I would feel twice as bad. Xx

Doctor told me only take for 3 days but I need them at moment trying to sleep is the worst thing cannot shut my mind off x