Current situation

I am not a royalist but had a lot of time for the Queen.
I think the BBC has gone overboard with the way they have reacted to it.
I have been personally affected and it gets worse with the songs they play.
Also they way way hey play on grief.
I have really struggled the past days with songs on the radio, discussions of death and the feeling of loss.
So the point of this message is we are as important as anyone and our loss means as much as anyones
In my humble opinion that’s how the Queen would have felt :kissing_heart:


Hello @NCLALB,

Thank you for sharing how you’re feeling - you are right that everyone here is just as important and our losses means as much as anyone’s. :blue_heart:

As the nation prepares for The Queen’s funeral, we understand that the public outpouring of grief can be triggering and upsetting if you have experienced the death of someone close to you. Our Head of Bereavement, Bianca Neumann, has shared her advice on how you can approach the day when you are already grieving the loss of someone close to you:

We are all here for each other - please do keep reaching out.