Dad coming to end of life.

My Dad is 88 years old suffers from dementia and we were told in October has stage 4 lung cancer. Until a week ago my 87 year old Mum had managed to care for him at home when after a rapid decline which started 3 weeks ago he’s hardly eaten anything stayed in bef and falling when going to the bathroom.
The district nurse suggested a care home which Mum agreed to straight away and for her it’s the right decision. I reduced my hours in September yo support my Mum and Dad more and am the one who worries about how everyone else is coping but I am struggling seeing Dad so confused and scared no one will be with him at the end. My partners Mum died last week so I’m trying g to support him as well yet don’t want to put my worries o him. We have had no support or has anyone really talked to us about what to expect in coming weeks and days though I have read up.

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Hi Suzy321
Your situation is similar to mine; I’ll come back to this topic again but for now I really just wanted to reach out to say you are not alone. Most of us here have experience of life’s less wanted moments and are so willing to listen when you are at the end of your tether. For now, my thoughts are with you.

Sven Thank you for your kind thoughts. A day at a time and treasuring the time I still have with my Dad.

So true; one day at a time.