dad died 11 months ago

My dad died suddenly 11 months ago. I did C.P.R on his body even though I knew he was already dead. This still haunts me. I have been to a councillor he told me to except my feelings. I tried this, it put me in a really dark place that I am constantly fighting!! Please can somebody help me with any suggestions to help me carry on?

I think this is normal, and trying CPR was what I would have done in the circumstances. i think if you had not done it you would have always wondered if it might have helped. My Mum died a month ago, she had cancer and we knew it was coming but the end was much quicker than we expected. I wonder if we should have rushed her into hospital and maybe she might have had a bit longer with her… but then I realise it would have been so much worse for her. I am trying to think about the whole of my life that I enjoyed with her as my Mum rather than the traumatic few days before her death… it’s really hard though, especially in the quiet times when dark thoughts creep in. All my love xxx

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I am sorry that your loss is so recent. How do you cope with your dark times?