Dad died in June

My dad died suddenly in June. I lost my best friend and her husband last year.

Dad found first lockdown hard. He died of a heart attack. My sister found him and then I went up to help her sort out ambulances, coroner etc

I moved in with my partner which was planned before Dad died . I sold my house and moved into rented. We are not full time living together . I find I am defensive and raw with grief. I was angry when he commented about that was not a lot he could do if we were not next of kin. I was wondering what we would do if either of us were in hospital and was wondering if it would have to be his mum or told me as we were not married.

I got so angry and shouted at him, I managed to walk away and sob. I am so sensitive and reading into things.
How do others deal with overwhelming grief without taking it out on their partner. I don’t want to do that . He has never lived with anyone before at 58.


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