Dad has early onset dementia

Hi👋🏻, My Dad has early onset dementia and is slowly disappearing. He’s only 62 and my once strong, quiet, dependable Dad has gone. Physically he’s still here but emotionally he only just recognises me. I’ve not been able to process this reality because covid fears and worries took over but I’m heartbroken, numb and feel so torn by my conflicting emotions.

I’m talking to a therapist who is a great help but wondered if anyone is in a similar situation as I feel so isolated by my feelings. :pensive:

Hey x my dad had dementia for a long time and it does take a lot to deal with the changes. You are truly not alone, there are thousands of us dealing with the same thing every day x there are loads of groups and help out there for families with a loved one with dementia. It sounds like you’re getting help, but do reach out and get more to support you.

Sending hugs x

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Thankyou for replying :blush:I’ve just started looking at online communities to connect with others a little. Just knowing others are in a similar situation reduces that feeling of isolation. x

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