Dad miss him

Hi lost my dad on September 25th. He was 92 and dementia had taken his dignity so was a relief in a way.

Just starting to realise how much i miss him even though i didnt see him a lot as we lived 80 miles apart

I send many compassionate thoughts.
I lost a parent to Alzheimer’s yesterday. I can empathize.
I gained some really helpful comments when I posted about my loss and I’m sure you will too.
Remember to look after yourself.

Thank you and sorry for your loss

Hi @craigie76 sorry for your loss. I lost my Dad to dementia this year. I realise everyday how much I miss him. I get flashbacks of all the things I would like to change.

I spoke to an old friend and was telling him how horrible it was, he replied, it’s not horrible (and I wanted to put the phone down) but he expanded and said why would you want him to suffer.

The penny dropped, and whilst as you say in some ways it’s a relief, it’s still your loss. I take comfort that he’s not suffering but there is a gaping wound left.

Sending love, light and virtual hugs x

hi thanks for your reply and sorry for your loss.

yes it’s a big hole in my life and i try to think of him as he was a few years ago and not as he was at the end.

he got so frustrated and needing help but luckily his carers were great