Dad on life support

My dad had a massive stroke almost a month ago now. Initially he showed signs of improvement and we hoped he would make a recovery of sorts. He has since deteriorated physically and mentally. My mum has been allowed to see him on a few occasions and he barely knows who she is. Over the past few days she has had to give permission for a dnr and now stomach feeding and decision to live out his days in a nursing home if he survives hospital.
I am struggling to deal with the loss of hope. I feel like I’m being tortured. I can’t sleep and can’t stop crying. I just miss my dad and hate seeing my mum so upset and vulnerable. It just all feels so cruel.


What an awful time you and your mum are going through. Life is cruel, you must be feeling so lost. Thinking of you :heart: xx

How dreadful for you and all your family. stay strong is the only thing you can try do and support each other. Sending you blessings and think about you. Sxx

Stay strong for your mum she’s going to need you . Yes life is so cruel take care and don’t give up hope