Dad’s birthday today

Dad died unexpectedly in September last year, it’s his birthday today, my heart is broken


Ah birthdays are hard after a loss. Hopefully you have found some way to honour the memory of your Dad, even if it’s simply lighting a candle or raising a glass…xx

I had my mums birthday in April after she died suddenly in December it was so difficult and just had her 6 months anniversary. It’s not easy, I had a couple of close friends with me and we went out for lunch and raised a wee glass. The loss is unreal, take care of yourself and do something that he liked, even play music or watch a favourite film that he liked. This journey without them isn’t easy, take care :sparkling_heart:

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@agnuspodger Bless you, the first of any significant date is hard. My Dad’s was a week after his death in March & weeks before mine. He shares his Birthday with my brother & it was difficult. I hope you’re getting thru it ok. Warmest wishes to you. X