Dad’s birthday tomorrow

Its my dads birthday tomorrow, i feel lost and numb! I can’t believe he’s not here for his bday! All the things i do for his bday and now i cant. I will remember him in my way, but its not the same. I miss my dad :broken_heart:


Birthdays are going to be difficult. My mum passed away in January suddenly and by the time I could arrange the funeral it was a week before her birthday so maybe didn’t hit me as bad (I was already a bit of a mess). I think that next year I will find it harder on her birthday, like you, it’s not the same. My son graduates from University in a few weeks and I’m already upset thinking of what my mum would say and how proud she would be - and the day hasn’t even come yet. My thoughts with you.


@Lisamcf I hope you manage to mark the day in some way. My Dad died in March, just 1 week shy of his own Birthday & I bought 2 of his favourite costa coffees & toasted him with my mum. It seemed appropriate. Could you do something that meant something to him? Special dates are always difficult. X