Dad terminally ill

My dad is terminally ill aged 83 finding it hard to cope with it all dreading the future

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Diana, so sorry to hear about your dad, but hold on in there. The only thing you can do now is be as strong as you can for your dad. Not easy, I know, but you love him and you will find the strength to help him through this. Try to take things one day at a time and enjoy the good days with him. I was with my beloved sister every day through a terminal illness so I know how hard it is to deal with but I got to say everything I needed to say to her, as she did to me. On good days we laughed together, on bad days I held her hand. It is all we can do for our loved ones. You have the love, I wish you strength. XX

Thanks for that its nice to hear from somebody else who’s gone through it themselves

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I lost my mum in march quickly it was awful xxx happy to chat and listen x