3 years next month, only just starting to sink in. Help

Hi. Lynseylynz. Thee months or three years can seem like eternity. Delayed grief often comes up on this site and it’s a very understandable situation. We can bottle up emotions at the time of it happening, and allow them to remain bottled up. But emotions have a habit of coming back in many forms, one being the realisation that, after a long time, it has happened.
The emotions we didn’t allow before may well make themselves felt much later.
You can only allow it to run it’s course. I know, it’s awful, but you can do no more than take it as easy as you can. This may not be much comfort. I’m sorry for how you feel, but you are far from alone. You may be able to find other posts on here from folk who have similar experiences to you. There was one recently who found five years not enough time.
Grief has no fixed time or any rules that we can go by. It’s so individual. Please come back and talk if you wish. Everyone here knows how you feel. Blessings.