Hi there,
I posted a recent post yesterday not long joined this group.
Recently my motherecruit in law died cancer
Then just recently found out my dad died absolutely devastated
As it was just recently made decision to try find him filled out the forms really wanted him I my life. As mum never let me see him when younger
I have so many regrets,
Couldn’t even get to the funeral government decision nobody in end could go to his funeral. Carena virus ruined everything
Changed my life
Feel so shut out.
Family don’t really talk about it.
Everyone just expect you to be fine, you know carry on as normal
Have lot mixed emotions
Nobody thinks to include me in decisions Even ask how I am?
Now I’m raging found out brother girlfriend travelled
Think she away try find my dad’s flat.
She better not get keys
I wanted to go over see where he stayed whst his flat like etc
She got no right
Housing better not give her keysl


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