Really dont feel great tonite

Hello, S47,
I hope that you are feeling better today than you did last night.
MaryL x

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Felt awful this mornjng
Didnt sleep well

S47, It is hard. During the worse hours and days you’ve just got to hang on. Rest a lot and make sure you eat well. Take care.
I lost my Mum suddenly just over six months ago, so feeling very raw too.

Hi Daffy.
Yes ig very hard it times especislly during thr noght when you dont sleep right have all thse thoughts emotions
Decided talk to my brother but dont really tell him how i feel
Seen my neighbour/friend today in garden not spome in a while had fsll out
Her dog just passed away recently its awful.
Anyway she is only person ask how i am acknowlege me said shd was sorry
As nobody else bothets

S47, In the first couple of months my sleep was severely disrupted by grieving for my Mum. I’d wake in the middle of the night and start thinking. In the end I just made sure I stayed in bed longer.
I was determinded to be gentle with myself.
I found my support on these forums. Friends dissapeared very quickely.

Yes i know what you mean
Hope your doing ok
Sorry about your Mum x

S47, Thank you. I’m sorry you are going through all of this too, with the loss of your Dad.
Grieving is exhausting and we’ve got this awful pandemic adding to the stress. Keep posting on these forums. Getting it off your chest does help. I would have been lost without these this place.

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Thanks for ur msg Daffie x

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