Well its been a few months since my Dad died
Been difficult with covid19/restrictions
Makes it harder.
Recently set up redirection mail.
Thought my brother was ok with it now hes not now i feel bad/guilty. We were meant to deal with it together whenever covid19 settles/whenever safe to travel
Dreading closing down Dads flat handing in keys​:motor_boat::ferry::trolleybus:
But need some kind closure?
Will meet 1 of dads family that ive never met
Everything changed over padt few months
Mother in Law died😥
Dad died/covid19😥
Lost my Job🤒

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You have had a horrible time lately, with no real light at the end of the tunnel, grief is on of those things that is different for everybody, you just have to go with the flow, take a day at a time, I can’t offer any real help, but just let you know you are in my thoughts and sending you love xx

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Hi Jude
Why does it hurt so much💔 in tears especially nite time when im in bed & early morning but then it starts to ease as day goes on.
Dreading closing down my Dads flat end next month.
Brother & I thought we were in this together but dosent feel like it.

Everything is always worse at night, it will get easier over time, it’s such a tough time for you and your brother, he’s grieving as well, I think I cried every day for at least 6 months after my husband died, but it does get easier, take a day at a time, sending love and strength to you both xx

Hi Jude.
So its normal to feel like this
And all the mixed emotions.
Supposed deal with things together but were realky not.
Sick of it
Brother going behind my back contacting housing signed terminating form reg our dads tennancy
He also phoned garage about selling the car
And been in touch with solicitor he cant keep going behind my back
I had already been in touch with solicitor and housing thought we were dealing with everything together sogning paperwork together
Clearly not
Already got enough lost mother in kaw
My dad
List my job
Try care support son daughter carer to them both