My heart was racing💞 felt so sick most of day
Why dies it hurt so much
Got email today from silicitor
Housing now wants terminatatikn date to close down my dads flat in Ireland
Dreading it.
Dont want hand in the keys as its final then he really gone

  • fathers day lit candle for my dad
    Set up redirection mail but still dont know if its correct as says on letter my name c/o again my name but on right gand page said it includes all persons inc for redirection my dads name on old address
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Dear S47.
It hurts because you loved him and you are grieving.
Our bodies react to our emotions.
I can understand that you are dreading having to give back the key to your dad’s flat.
My sisters and I only had weeks to empty out my parent’s flat (in Holland) because it was rented, not owned.
When I left their (almost empty) flat for the last time I felt very sad. They had spent so many tears there and I had so many happy memories there, but in the end without them, it was only a place. You dad, like my mum and dad, will not be gone when you hand in the key. He will be forever in your heart.
Wishing you the strength to do what you have to do.


In tears just reading your email😥

My Dad passed in 1983, I was away from home in the forces, at the time the force rushed me to be with him. But I was moments to late. This was with me for a long time. A relative ( uncle on mother’s side), put my hand on my head “he is in here, your mind is to mixed up with grief to recognise his comments.” Then he put my hand on my heart and said “his love and his bond is held in here, and you will hear and feel him”,
It was at the birth of Katie, the graduation of Karl, and getting frustrated when changing nappies, they were the true moments. Its later, not now, your to raw.
Its during familiar moments my memory relates,

Another thing that Albert did was to sit me in a chair, and I had to relate a problem to Dad, Albert was Dad. Then I went as Dad with Albert as me, I had to reply as my father. Powerful and I have used the same technique for others including the Wife, daughters when our mothers passed.

May you find yourself, your deceased, and understand that they have not left you, just the body has gone.


Thankyou for your post