Ive posted few times now
Not been feeling great & not been sleeping well
Feeling angry upset sad stressed
Got postal order few wks ago as tried out in entry for remembrance book for my dad
But now Cremitorium day they don’t accept postal order to get refunded
Angry frustrated with them & post office
They should have updated there websiite & I told them that
As for post office they said nothing to do with them if have complain take up with royal mail​:rage::hot_face:
Running out time fast dad anniversary will be feb
And why the hell does my brother girlfriend feel the need to interfiere🥵
Dreading Christmas as I lost both mum in law and dad
Don’t feel have much support & counselling finished

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Hi S47, I am so sorry you are having such a tough time and with Christmas looming it’s not helping any of us.
Surely there must be some way you can get your Dads name in the Book of Remembrance. Have they said they won’t take postal orders, what about a bank transfer or cheque. If you haven’t got access to a cheque then maybe a friend can write one and you can give them the money. Phone the Crematorium and ask how you can make this happen, there has got to be a way or they shouldn’t be in the job they are doing. My heart goes out to you as none of us need this stress when we are going through our grief. Sending hugs and hope everyone on here can support you. Maybe someone else been through similar.

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