My dad died January suddenly not sure how to cope just starting a return to work but can’t see the point.

Dear Betsy

I speak as a mother of two adult children who lost their dad suddenly. Both have dealt with the situation very differently. My daughter is struggling the most. Unlike her brother she finds it difficult if not impossible to talk about her dad or look at photos. So I can only say this, talk with friends and family about all the good things you remember about your dad, find favourite photos of him and continue to talk to your employer, they should be able to offer counselling if you feel ready. And finally take one day at a time.

Take care

Hi I am sorry for your loss. My Dad also passed in January and he was the greatest Man I will ever know. I haven’t been back to work yet and most days just lay on the sofa watching TV. My Dad had a major stroke last July and never came home. He went to a care home and we couldn’t see him and he got covid and went back to hospital and passed away. Dads are the best and I have to make myself think that I am a lucky one to have had such an amazing Dad as not everyone does. I hope you can feel this way too about yours.

I do my dad was my hero he made me laugh every day. He had copd and became weak about a year ago I went everyday to feed him up to sit chat & laugh. He didn’t feel well on a Sunday I was there we called an ambulance they checked him out & gave him a full bill of health. He winked at me & said I am not going to hospital. I drive home sat down then got the call to say he didn’t look right. I drove far too fast & got there. I did his survival breaths as my brother did the chest compressions. He was still alive told him how much I loved him. Then the ambulance crew arrived in their white suits & told us to stop. He was gone.
I lay with him. We had him at home just looking at him & talking to him he looked like he was asleep. Then the took him. The next time I saw him he was in the chapel of rest. I kept poking him but he just didn’t move. He’s my everything my hero my stability my kids grandad. Just broken hearted.