Cant beleive its been 1 year today💔
Since i flew out to clear out my Dads home.
Something i will never forget
Dont think anyone remembers but i do
Going fly back out soon
It be so strange not going near my dads home as someone else will be there now
Will lay some beautiful posy see remembrance book but would rather he was here
But still have all his poetry records so part of him is with me :heart:


I lost my dad 5 weeks ago. Pain is unbearable

Hi Beccachip im so sorry to hear about the loss of your dad
Yes the pain is unbearable its early days for you
Hope you are om
This is is good as other people can understand what your going through as weve unfortunately all got 1 thing in common Loss/berevement
Have you been for counselling
Hope you are coping om
Its been kind of rough fay bit emotional as its been 1 year ago today that ii flew over to start to clear out my dads house so so hard
Couldnt bear handing in the keys
So i kept them
Went back over flowing wk :broken_heart:
Going back oversoon
Take care x