My dad passed away a few days ago he was my only family I have had great support from work colleagues and friends he was diagnosed with lung cancer in November this year he was really determined to last as long as he could there was no treatment available he lost a lot of weight he got a chest infection he died suddenly in hospital we lived together and I keep turning expecting to see him on the settee I really miss him


Hi Jackie
I don’t know if I’m duplicating this reply as I’ve just hit the reply button and my message seems to have disappeared.
I just wanted to say sorry about your loss. I lost my Mum a couple of days ago in similar circumstances. The aloneness is overwhelming. I don’t have wisdom to pass on sadly, only compassion and kind wishes. I hope you are managing to take care of yourself too.
Kindest thoughts to you.

Thanks Tina it is hard I still can’t believe it his death was so quick but he went peacefully in his sleep that’s how he wanted to go my thoughts are with you