Hi, I have just lost my dad. He is in Cyprus. I’m in England. I’m finding it hard to deal with

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Hello, I can understand and appreciate how you feel regarding your dad. I do hope you have or are planning to visit cypress. Our sons live abroad and I know that in Greece the funeral comes very quick after the death which makes it difficult to be there. Everyone on here knows how you are feeling and pleased remember we are always here for you. Love and blessings being sent. S xx

Hi @mummyBear4,
I can completely relate. I was out of the country when my father passed. It was a very odd process being in a different country to him. I was lucky as only holidaying so was able to return, but still felt very disconnected and as though my processing was delayed/stinted as a result of this.
I really hope you able to attend the funeral - in person or online as this was so helpful for me. Otherwise, I hope you are able to find a way to mark his passing and say a goodbye.
I still find that it isn’t really registering that he is gone despite the funeral. He passed 6 weeks ago.
Please do get in touch further if I can help at all.