I cleared the grave today,i know you will be put with mom,another thing i did by just going through the motions and not feeling anything-a familiar thing lately. I went to your house again,fed the birds,checked the plants,the house i’m so attached to and brings me comfort-yet sis makes me feel i shouldnt be there. I am trying with her,i really am,i know you tried to get us ok with each other whilst you were here,i try,i keep trying,she is also,then we keep having set backs. I dont want it to be like this,why has it developed this way?
Loosing you dad is more than enough,without loosing the house and my job also.


Dear @CR73

Thank you for sharing an open and honest post with the Community. Grief brings out many emotions with family and everyone reacts to losing a loved one differently.

Take one day at a time and if possible sit down and have a talk with your sister and let each other know how you are feeling.

Take care and continue to reach out at any time here.


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Thankyou pepsi
I have had an open discussion with my sis about how i’m feeling regarding grief,she says she feels pretty much the same-but then we are still having set backs,she is my older sister and my dad warned me when he was alive not to let her bully me when hes gone.
I dont like saying how it is,because i want to get on with her,i sent her a video clip the other day saying ‘i love you’ and she said it back-which was really nice,but then we had a set back again a couple of days later.
I miss my dad so much,although i am grateful for having been his full time carer,its been 5 weeks now and the funeral is next week. I dont want the funeral to happen,neither does my sis,i think its because we’ve also lost our mom.

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