I lost my dad 3 months ago. He went into hospital for a seizure lived for 10 weeks and then passed. I just didn’t expect to be this effective, I just feel so lost and I’m struggling with my mental health. I have been given a number for counselling but I’m not ready I can’t build the courage up to ring,


My beloved Dad died 4 weeks ago . I am able to cope in the day when I’m With my mum or brother but at night I can’t control my sense of loss . I just miss him so much . I am
Here to talk and I check in often if you or anyone want to chat .

I’m sorry to hear of your loss @Mickmac12 I hope you can find the courage to call the counselling number.

I have recently started therapy for grief and I can tell you it does help. It gives you space to get all the mess out of your head and to just have someone listen.

Sorry also to hear of your loss @Laura8

Sending love to you both

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Thank you @Ems12345 is it the counselling through sue Ryder ? Do you recommend it ?