Help 9 weeks ago after a short illness i lost my beautiful dad, I swear i coped better when there wete jobs to sort out and plans to make. Work helps but even in the beautiful surrounding in egypt im sobbing on a sunbed wanting to see him x


So sorry to hear your loss. I lost my mum in May this year aged 90. Never have I had to deal with anything so hard in my life. I know what you mean about when there are jobs and things to sort out, you deal with things better, as your mind is distracted. Do you work? I find that being busy and working helps me through. It’s when you sit around with little to do, that your mind gets overwhelmed. You are in early days. I’m feeling a little better day by day, but it is still very difficult. Lovely to hear you are in Egypt and have those beautiful surroundings there. Although I guess you then feel guilty for having a pleasurable time and your dad not being around. It is so tough on us. I’m sure your dad is all around you, looking down and wishing he was there with you!! I am in Lincs too, if you ever want to chat. xx

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Oh no im so sorry to hear this , its never easy whatever the situation , whether they were ill or not it doesnt make it easier. I have a hairdressers and its so much easier to focus on work and general home duties. I thought itd help running away but i have too much time to think. Id love to keep chatting , I feel no one gets me and that id be putting on people. Is this the sane for you or do you have a good family? Im in louth do you know it?

I do have a few friends, but don’t keep in touch regularly. My partner lives a long way from me, and I’ve dealt with everything since my mum’s death on my own. I miss her so much. I just keep myself busy with work most of the day, I don’t know what I would do without keeping busy! I think we all feel that we ‘put on people’ and no one fully understands unless they have gone through this; we all deal with it differently. I do know Louth, I’m about 20 miles south from Louth, not too far from Horncastle.