My dad died 7 years ago this month I cared for him for a year before he died but I still can’t deal with the fact he has gone,I can’t seem to move on from it where as my other siblings seem to have where as I am stuck here and I know my dad wouldn’t want this for me

I’m so sorry to hear about the death of your dad and that you are struggling to move on.There is no set timeline on grief, and the loss of someone so close will always be a part of your life. However, people do find that, in time, they can move forwards with their lives in positive ways, alongside their grief. If you are feeling that this isn’t possible for you and that you are “stuck” in your grief, it sounds as though you are definitely in need of some support.

I’m glad that you’ve taken the step of writing things down here, as it’s really important to have outlets for your feelings - bottling things up is one of the things that can make grief last longer. You may also want to consider whether you would benefit from counselling - people who feel “stuck” often find it helpful to work through these issues with a trained professional. We offer a free online counselling service here on this website - find out more here:

It sounds like you have spent more time with your dad, I realise that I am feeling the loss differently to my sibling too. I spent more time talking to and supporting my dad after the loss of my mum and I got to know a different side to him. I don’t have children to focus on so it is going to take me longer to move on I guess. Every so often when theres no-one around I have a chat to both mum and dad and tell them how I’ve got on that day and explain it all to them and tell them to try not to worry too much about me as I will move on with time, its just that they were just such lovely parents I miss having them to talk to so. It felt to me like no-one understood how significant a loss of a parent is, when you are supposed to be ‘grown up’ yourself, but looking at this forum, many obviously do feel it XXX