Dad's 3 year anniversary also lost my mum in January

Well my dad’s 3 year anniversary is coming up on the 5th march which is a struggle in its self.
But to add to my sadness my mum died suddenly in January so I really am struggling with how I feel.
I don’t have the drive to work or go out, I find myself crying on my own late at night when my wife and kids are in bed, I feel lots of anger and emotionally run down.

Hi Shana
What happened to your mom?
So sorry about dealing with 2 losses.
My dad passed away suddenly in his sleep over the summer. He was in his 70’s - an amazing person, none of us saw it coming. He was living a great normal fun blessed active life and then was taken from us out of nowhere. I struggled for many months like you describe.
This forum helped me alot and people in real life as well.
You will get through this even though it seems hopeless at the moment.

Wow, I am so sorry to read that you’ve just lost your mum. I know what you mean about late at night, I’ve been there and done that lots of times. I find it’s when the house is so quiet and my mind is free to wander and think so deeply it hurts. Here I am writing this message for example and it’s 2am and I’m thinking about my mum and looking at this forum to see what’s been going on with others. I’ve had a busy day in the shops today but I need time to reflect and that typically happens late at night.
I work at home mostly so I’ve never found going back to work a distraction but instead a time to do more thinking!
It’s been exactly 6 months for me and I still punish myself by reliving the whole ending over agin like it was yesterday.
You probably know how wonderful this forum is already and I know I can’t help you be happy but I can tell you to please keep talking about your thoughts and you’ll see how much you have in common with others. Some lovely people have really helped me over the last few months to keep a grip on life in general and know that I’m not alone. You aren’t either