Dads Death

I lost my Dad about 2 years ago and it never gets any easier. I have no relationship with my Mum and really find it hard to cope at times. My Dad passed from a rare condition called Autosominal Polysistic Kidney & Liver Disease, im currently getting tested for the same Disease before i have children and not having the parental support is something i really need at times like this. I wish i could talk to my Dad everyday he was my best friend, i wish i could ask him the thousands of questions i have going round in my head about his disease and just life in general. Its 2 years and i just hope it gets easier :weary:

Dear @Leash26, that is so sad to read, that you lost your dear dad to such an awful disease. My dear dad had renal failure and heart failure and was on dialysis, like your dad, he was my best friend, and the loss is so great when we lose them.

I really hope you do not have that disease, and I am so sorry you do not have him to be there for you, if you ever need someone to talk to, we are here, it’ll be nothing like talking to your dad, we can never come even close to giving you the comfort he could, but we can be here just to listen to you when you need to talk. Please look after yourself.

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Hi Abdullah sorry to hear your story of your dad dying from Such an awful disease I have lost my husband to the same disease he was also on dialysis 3 nights z week for 4 hours each time and had heart failure progressing to congestive heart failure can I ask did your dad have a pacemaker/defibrillator as I am struggling to come to terms with my loss thinking a device like this would have saved my husband and stopped his heart failure progressing to end stage take care