Dad's gone

Hi all, I’ve posted here a bit before and youve all been so kind. I just wanted to let you know we lost dad earlier this afternoon. My mom was with him in hospice for two hours, telling him he could go. She left the room to let a good family friend say goodbye, and he assured dad he would look after us. After that, dad let go. I think he was ready then, because he knew we were okay.

We are surrounded by family and friends. The enormity of my loss has not hit me yet and for now I am mostly numb and keeping busy with all of the arrangements, notifications and chores. I know I am at the very beginning of a very long and hard journey. I take heart knowing i have been left a beautiful and brilliant legacy to live up to.

Love to you all who are grieving. I am sending light and warmth


Just wanted to send you a virtual hug. It is so nice to hear your dad waited until he knew you would all be ok. He must have known you will be.

So lovely to focus on gratitude for the amazing legacy of your dad too.

Take care of yourself and your family through the fog you are now in.

Ann x


I’m so sorry to hear your Dad has passed, my thoughts are with you at this difficult time. How lovely for you Dad to be with you, your Mum and close friends at the end. Your Dad sounded like a wonderful caring person, making sure you would all be looked after.

I’m sure you will give each other lots of love and support and look after each other.

Keep posting and let us know how you’re doing x

Hello, I joined this forum today and saw your post. I decided to reply because my father died a few days before yours, on Wed 28 March at 4am, so we have similar timing. We had spent more than 24 hours with Dad the previous two days and had decided to go home for some sleep Tuesday night. The nursing home called in the early hours of Wednesday morning so we rushed to get there but he passed away whilst we were driving there. My mother was very hard on herself for not being there at the end but Dad was not alone and went peacefully.

How are you today? I am feeling very tired which seems to be part of the grieving process. My father was in a nursing home last 3 months. He suffered from Parkinson’s for more than 20 years and with Dementia too in recent years. In some ways I sad goodbye a few years ago to the Dad I really knew but it is still an incredibly sad time. I am also busy helping Mum with the arrangements.