Daily Struggles

I still message my husband every day as I still have his phone not to phone but I can WhatsApp by WiFi. This is my message today 15 months on:

“Woke up crying today doll I’m so unhappy without you even though I try to put on a brave face throughout the day. That morning wake up realising another day without you just breaks my heart. Love you & miss you so much xxx”

This is a daily struggle that first waking moment when you realise you’re on your own. I then have to find the strength to face the day. I find writing to him or in a journal my feelings, it helps being able to write it down, not keeping it all inside.


Dear Jodel712
I look at my husbands messages to me on his phone, they give me comfort and but also make me sad of course. I still can’t look at photos, it’s too painful. It’s early days for me, still feels so unreal,
It’s the awful loneliness and the long nights when you mind races and all you want is to wake up with him by your side. We try and cope and do what we can to get through the days. Take care, hugs.

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