I know this maybe a difficult topic for some but is there anyone that have experience of dating after losing spouse/partner. I will always love my husband and he has made me who i am today but i dont want to be alone forever and he didnt want that for me. Im 32.

@Juliep88 I have previously dated after divorce, having been on my own for a while and finding I had virtually no social life and was very lonely. I used online dating.
My partner died last year, but we met through online dating. We had the most wonderful years together, which I will be forever thankful for. If we had not both been on an online dating site we would have missed out on so much. I know many feel they can have only one great love in their life. It is up to the individual. At 32 you are still very young, and should not feel that you have to live on your own or like a nun. Life is for living and trying new things. After bereavement it is so very hard to find a way to live with some quality of life again, but we either do or don’t. Once I have licked my wounds I hope to try and find some sense of enjoyment and wonder in the world again. At my age I am not looking for a new love, I just want to feel life still has something to offer me, and that I can offer something to the world we live in. I am now fairly old, and have loved and been loved by several partners. The relationships have all been different, some better than others, but I don’t regret them. Someone said to me once that our experiences in life make us into the people we are.
The only thing I would say is be very careful. There are people on the dating sites, both men and women, that look out for the vulnerable and target them. Do not give much information away. Put your status as single, and keep information general, and do not give out your address or phone number. If after chatting online for a while it proceeds to a date meet in daylight in a very public place for the first few times, tell someone where you are going, and arrange to ring your safety net after a certain amount of time (you can make an excuse to go to the loo), then phone your safety net once you are safely home from the date. Make sure you are not followed home. I had several dates before I met my late partner. Luckily they were all decent people. However they all told me that I had been too trusting and given them too much information. Just please be careful.