I have been single for 10 years since my divorce :grin: the thing is recently I met someone who I used to know he has asked me out which normally would be fine but Dec and Jan our really tough as I lost my mum and sister 3weeks apart I gave alcohol because of this he remembers the old me the fun and laughter not the broken me I can’t bare people wishing me happy Xmas and new year sister took her own life new year Eve it is lovely he asked me out wrong time of year I always nibinate and avoid the world for 2 weeks it just me on my own just how I prefer it how do I deal with this or am I overthinking things :thinking:

we regret what we didn’t do.

I am so sorry for your losses. this may help.

I sit here and regret what I DIDN’T do so whatever you do, don’t miss out on this opportunity if you like the man. say those are low months for you but would they have time Feb.1. imagine how your passed on loved ones would feel if you didn’t live life while you could.

all the best … :slight_smile: