I lost my 25 yr old daughter 3 yrs ago im so desperate my family are broken we just all shout at each other. We really need help.

Hello Susie
I’m so sorry to hear of the loss of your daughter and that your family is struggling. It is more than 2 years since my daughter passed away aged 33.
I feel that some people think we should be “coping” better in time, but only those who’ve experienced a significant loss can begin to understand how difficult it can’t be. Each member of the family have also lost that person and grieve in different ways and at differing rates. It’s so difficult. I don’t know where the 2 years have gone.
People on this site understand. Their posts verify that you’re not the only one having certain thoughts.
Can you speak to your GP?

Hi I also lost my daughter in Aug 2015 I held her hand for four days until she slipped away she was 33 yrs old leaving three children the youngest being 18 months old at first I was numb now I,m totally heart broken and spend most of my time in a daze or really angry I feel like nobody cares anymore, I feel trapped I no longer want to be here but three granchildren and my son how selfish that would be so I just carry on it this silent hell that has become my life

Im totally where you are ive sat many times thinking about not being here and like you i have 3 grabdchildren and a son and daughter. I agree it is a living hell, i never feel happy just a sadness that wont leave me. I feel like ive been given a life sentence and life is my prision. Sending hugs to you. X

Thankyou hugs to you too xxx

Hello SandraMaria and Susie,
We feel so sad and empty and it feels unbearable at times. We seem to carry on for others. But that is what gets us through. My Granddaughter was 4 when her devoted Mummy passed away. I can’t describe that pain and the injustice of it all. I try to focus on my daughter’s achievements and the people she reached in her short life. It makes us so proud. I want to make sure that my Granddaughter will learn all about her Mummy when she is old enough to understand. I know that my daughter would not want us to be sad.
Hugs to you both and all who are suffering. X

Thankyou I also will tell my youngest grandson all about his wonderful mummy one day so very sad lots of love to you

Hello,everyone in this awful time,it will be 1year on December 11th that we lost our lovely daughter Dawn,she had no children and now we do not talk to her husband so it is so sad that side of the family has gone,life just isn’t the same anymore we try and keep ourselves busey , but life just dosent seem the same anymore,the pain is always there. Maddie

Hi Maddie im so sorry for your loss. I also have the same problem my daughters patner turned into a complete pig he got another women at 8 months who happened to move next door rejected my granddaughter aged 8 but kept the two boys. He didnt want a daughter now he has gone on to stop us and his daughter whom i now care for from seeing the boys aged 5 and 3. Im broken they were my life. How can anyone be so hateful. X

I feel your pain I lost my daughter 11 years ago she was 18. The pain never goes away I still just exist not live I died inside the same day she did. I can’t say it gets any easier but you do get cleverer at masking the pain. Some days are very dark & still feels as raw as the day it happened some days are bearable & some days are just on auto pilot but it never goes away. Days weeks years pass by Christmas & birthdays are the worst I dread Christmas & putting on the big pretence. I’ve been told so many times that time heals but that’s not true the rawness goes but the pain is still there. I do tend to bottle it up which I think is wrong but I don’t feel able to talk to family & friends unless you e been there as much as you want to help you can’t. I’m hoping chatting on here might help as others know the pain I feel first hand which is very unfortunate x

Thankyou Kaye,so very sorry for the loss of your daughter ,she was so young Dawn was 46years old and she was too young to die. What you have said is exacltly how I feel ,part of me died with her that day, and I don’t think I will ever get over it , Its very hard at the moment as she went into hospitsl this time last year, we thought they would sort her out but she went into a coma and passed away December 11th. hugs to yo Maddie x

Hate this time of year christmas and then my daughters birthday in feb. I dont think life is ever going to move past the point im at, it doesnt get any better. I wish i could just have one day where i didnt feel such deep emotions its taking its toll on my health but i cant stop it. I act strong for my children and grandchildren but inside i have such deep sadness. My husband has been an arsehole whom im hating more each day his selfish acts have made me wonder why i stayed for 34 yrs, even my children hate him lately. God knows whats in store for us all. X

Kaye, you describe it so well. How those feelings rear up at anytime and feel just as real as they did. We mask our feelings and pretend every day. I too do not try to describe these feelings to anyone. How could they understand? To be able to share on this site helps me to cope with my very fragile life.
Love and hugs to all who are suffering.

To Maddie just to say my thoughts will be with you on the 11th on Monday.its my birthday and my beloved will not be with me.its so immeasurably hard take care Maddie.Annette.xxx.

Hello Annette,thankyou so much,for remembering Dawns anniversary, its just so hard isn’t it ? cant seem to stop crying at the moment. But happy birthday for Monday, I know it wont be but I hope you find some peace with your lovely granddaughter . Maddie xxxxx

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