Daughters wedding

My husband D died suddenly on 10.12.21 so my daughter postponed her wedding from February to this Saturday. Even though I am excited to see my first child marry I am dreading the fact that he will not be there beside me. D was her stepdad

Hi Les16, I am so pleased that you can feel excited about the wedding which will be a lovely day. Yes, it will be hard to deal with the day without your husband but everyone including your daughter will be there to help. I admired your daughter for her thoughtfulness in changing the date of such an important day. I do hope you can not only enjoy the day but feel proud of yourself for getting through such an emotional day. May the sunshine and please pass my best wishes to your daughter for her future happiness and to you I send hugs and blessings. S xx

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My husband passed away suddenly in September 2021. Our daughter is getting married on 14th May. I know exactly how you feel. Hope you have a sunny day and that you manage to enjoy some lighter and enjoyable moments despite the underlying sadness. Sandra