It’s just gone 6 months since I lost my dad and I’ve just finished my bereavement councelling but I feel that it hasn’t made a slighest difference to how I’m feeling I miss my dad every day me and my mum are just on a little break to Wales wot my sister is treating us too feels so difficult as it’s the first time on holiday without my dad which has been very emotional for me today as we use to go this place quite a few times with my mum and dad when I was younger as a teenager memories came flooding back to me today and I felt the tears starting 6 months still feels so early for me I have days still that in my mind there are feelings that I will never get over the loss of my dad


Read up on mindfulness it’s a great help cos it teaches you that your thoughts control your emotions change what thoughts you allow live rent free in your head to more positive ones and honestly your mood will change almost immediately. Our parents didn’t bring us in to this world to be sad, start living a life your dad would be happy with always having his spirit with you until you meet him again :sparkling_heart:

@David8 couldn’t you take something of your dad’s along with you, that way he’s kind of there. My brother sometimes wears my dad’s watch. He says it brings him comfort during difficult times. It’s normal to feel sad on a first without him so when it feels overwhelming, take yourself off to your room for a moment or tell your mum how you’re feeling. X