I’m dreading father’s day on the 18th June it’s my 1st one with out my dad being here I’m glad I’m going out for the day because I know my dad wouldn’t want me at home being upset he would want me out enjoying myself I miss him so much it’s just gone 7 months now since he was taken away from me I’m still having good days and bad days I was having more bad days than good days but it’s getting little better now half and half good day bad day and the same the next 1 will be my dad’s birthday end of August which I’m dreading as well my sister is going away for the weekend on father’s day as well as she’s abit like me she doesn’t want be at home and my older brother he’s the strong one he is taking my mum out for the day on father’s day


Hi, sorry you are dreading Father’s Day, but it’s good that you have plans for the day. I lost my Mum in January so had to manage my first Mother’s Day without her only a few weeks later. It was hard, but I tried to do a few things to honour her memory. I created a memorial tribute pot of flowers in my garden. I went out for a meal and raised a glass to her too. Best wishes xx


I lost my mum last Dec and like Rosie I dreaded Mothers Day this year but like everything else it passes and you just have to navigate getting through it somehow. With the help of wonderful kind people who I have met on here I managed to get through it. As they say the firsts of everything are the worse. I also made a memorial table for my mum with photos flowers a heart ornament and a candle. It’s teh only thing we can do now
Try going out for the day and avoid going to places where people will be celebrating Fathers Day. A walk somewhere or go to the cinema or even sit in your car with a picnic would be lovely. I just hid from people and kept to myself all day
One day at a time
Deborah x