I’m not very good today I’ve been crying alot it’s just gone a week over the 1 year since I lost my dad I miss laughing with him watching movies with him and I was able talk to my dad about things and I can’t do that now because he’s not here I miss my dad loads so much people keep telling me your dad wouldn’t want u to be upset and he would be proud of the caring you did for him as I was my dad’s carer it was bad enough losing my nan and grandad over 20 or 30 years ago but with me losing my dad feels like 100 times worse just feels like I’m never going get over losing my dad I’m still having good days and bad days it was a huge shock to all the family that night as we were not expecting it even the hospital were not they were waiting for a bed on a ward for him because he was ill on the morning and I went with me dad in the ambulance and stayed with him to 4pm that day then later that night I got the dreading phone call to say your dad has took a turn for the worst but me and my mum were to late when we got the hospital he had already gone my sister got there before me she was the first to be told and me brother didn’t find out to midnight that night as he was on a plane back from his job but he came straight to us to comfort me and my mum that late night

Hi Dave,
Im so sorry about the loss of your dad, you never stop grieving and miss them every day, have you considered counselling or something where you can let how you feel out?
I lost my dad in 2012 and mum has stage 4 bone cancer and in a hospice , its just so unfair, i feel angry , lost and cry all the time.
Mum is my best friend like your dad was to you. X

Sending love and thoughts. I very unexpectedly lost my mum two weeks ago tomorrow. I have never felt grief and sadness like it. I feel your pain.
Wishing us all, the strength we need, to get ourselves through the hardest hours in a day :heart: x


Yes I’ve had 2 lots of bereavement councelling but I don’t think it’s helped me much I had 2 lots of 6 sessions each

I’m dreading Christmas this willbe the 2nd Christmas without him last Christmas was difficult x

I’m so sorry. I can’t imagine yet what it is going to be like over Christmas. Just so difficult.
I plan to keep sharing on this forum to help me through. I don’t even always need replies, just being able to express my feelings in a safe space if comforting. X