I lost my wife 4 weeks ago after 5 long years of illness from epileptic seizures , stroke, vascular dementia, and motor neuron disease.I am presently absolutely devastated and heartbroken.I presently find it extremely difficult to cope and I am constantly lonely and depressed for my future.
Help !!

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It’s good that you have found this site. It’s also nearly 4 weeks for me, though my loss was sudden.
We are all stumbling around in the dark here, but we do feel your pain and each others. There is always someone to send a virtual hug and putting my darkest thoughts and fears down and receiving loving support from others is a huge help. I find it comforting to be told that I am not alone and that my feelings are normal.
Hang on in there, my friend. Xx

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I am so sorry for your loss @Davesa

I am further down the line than you, 17 weeks, but I do really understand how you feel.
And so will everyone else on here.
There’s no magic bullet I’m afraid but please know that we all understand and we are all here to listen and support.
You are not alone and will always find someone here to listen, day or night.

Sending you a big hug :people_hugging: x

Thank you for your support and I am so sorry that you are suffering like me. How are we going to cope ? I am not
confident as to how I will.

We will all cope. I don’t know how, but we will. We don’t have any choice. One foot in front of the other, taking each hour as it comes. That’s all we can do. Xx

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