Hi all my son died when he was 29 and that was 7 years ago I found him i have never except it then my husband had a pain in his shoulder took himself to hospital I couldn’t go with him cos of covid we found out that he had terminal cancer they gave him 1 year and he got just 1 year he died last November I nursed him at home till his last breath he was my rock he kept me going and now the only way to cope is to belive he will be coming home I got counciling but didn’t find that to work I haven’t gone out since my husband died so sorry for it all being so long

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Dawn 1
I’m sorry to hear of your awful losses. Have you any family or friends you could take a walk with? Big hugs to you.

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I just can’t go out as I don’t want to see anyone life is so cruel sometimes thank you for ur kind words

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