Dead dad = heavy drinking?

I’ve already posted about my dads sudden untimely death but now I wanted to say I’ve always been a big drinker socially which then turned into any bad day after work, I keep ordering food from Deliveroo and getting a bottle of gin of 2 bottles of wine which I add in secretly, my mum knows I’m drinking too much and has mentioned it but is too scared to say outright I think, I’ve been going to work since he died but also taking days off so I’m bringing in less money for the bills n stuff, I keep cancelling on my closest friends at the very last minute as I’m hungover or want to drink alone or to be honest just mentally exhausted, I don’t know how to deal with my dad being gone forever so I work in a warehouse now where I can check out and when I get home I get straight in bed and order Deliveroo, like what is the point of life?

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Hiya I’ve private messaged you @Loubro xx