Dealing with debts


Does anyone know the law on dealing with a deceased persons debts? My husband has quite a few but has left nothing apart from pensions which arent a lot as he was 32… its the last thing you want to be worrying about while youre trying to get through the day everyday!

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Hello @Nicki92,

I’m very sorry for the loss of your husband. Dealing with finances can be so stressful. You might want to look at this guide from Moneyhelper:

As @Nori mentions too, Citizens Advice Bureau may also be able to help.

Take good care,

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Hi Nicki. I navigated my way through a complex estate issue.
No will left and a few debts.

Basically if there is a will you will need to go online and find it. Advice from coop bereavement gave me good starting blocks and free advice over the phone. If no will, then you usually need a letter of administration to be able to act legally on the deceased’s estate. The next of kin status is not enough. The processes can be found online or on the government website. I visited citizens advice bureau at one stage as I had an issue over a mortgage but i personally didnt find them useful. Might be different where you are. Hope it works out for you. Condolences.

It’s probably impossible to get proper advice on a forum like this that’s complete and matches your circumstances.

In general debit isn’t inherited, so it’s not incumbent on next of kin to pay debt unless it’s on joint loans or your a guarantee on the loan.

You didn’t say if he has a will naming you executor?

In general individual debt will need to get paid out of estate assets.

Joint accounts often do NOT form part of the deceased estate and become the sole property of the other person on the estate.

But you should really get advice about your own circumstances form a lawyer or citizen advice.

So sorry for your loss. I would contact the companies or write to them so you have evidence you have contacted them. You will find as I have most companies have a bereavement department if you ask them. Might be worth contacting your solicitor, although I appreciate it they are not cheap. One of my bills I had recently was over £2,000 and still doing legal work for me. None of this is easy but I did find writing a list of who I needed to contact was bit easier than having it all in my head, which was actually fog brain.

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Thank you for all your responses. No will was made and apart from our joint mortgage that is now in my name he didnt have anything else. A company rang me about his debts and i told them he had nothing and they said they would stop all contact from then on.