dealing with grief

My eldest daughter died nearly 2 months ago, during an operation for a third liver transplant.

I am frightened to cry, because I feel if I start I might never stop.

Has anyone else felt like this?


I’m so sorry for your loss.
Life can be so cruel.

I understand what you are saying, I’m almost sure the tears will flow eventually and I would say let them. It’s not going to change anything unfortunately but the crying needs to come. It’s not a fix but your heart and mind needs this.

It’s ok if it becomes a regular thing and feels like it’s not going to stop but you will …… when the time is right

Please take care
Dee xx

Yes, felt like this regularly, still do sometimes. Crying really does help though but I don’t like crying because I feel like it makes the pain worse while you are actually crying. (Hope that makes sense!) The pain of grief is overwhelming and I just wish we all didn’t have to go through it x