dealing with guilt

any advice when thinking of parents …

I did things that hurt my mom and dad and I can never fix it.

anyone have such a feeling … did it ever ease?

they meant the world to me … but I did screw-ups and it hurt them.
now, I am the one hurting.

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@berit dear berit I’m sure you did more good things than screw-ups. I think you have to try to think of all happy memories and times together. We all mess up. I was 13 when my mum died and 35 when my dad died. I made mistakes and have regrets. But we can’t change them unfortunately. Your parents knew and know that you love them. None of us are perfect and we all make mistakes. Grief torments us in so many ways. Take care love and hugs xxx


Casey, that’s beautiful and you are very right. We can’t change the past so we have to try harder in the future. Take care Sxxx

Casey as said it all. Things we now know we should have or not done but it’s from here on that we can think and know little more. Grieving makes us think about the things we should have done or said, the regrets of the past. Remember the good times. S xx

Grief torments us in so many ways.

thanks. I will chalk it up to grief … or try to.