dealing with informing others and whose responsible

me and my dad informed the people who should know such as immediate people or for funeral purposes (only 12 people due to location). however this was 1st august and funeral 22nd aug but now he is receiving xmas cards ( i live 200miles away) from old friends who he did not inform and its upsetting. we are too upset over impending xmas. he does want to talk to them for that reason. i have suggested calling mid jan. im not sure wheather to insist he calls them before more cards or leave it.

Dear @CHIP21

As your dads friends did not know about the loss of your loved one, it is understandable they would have sent out Christmas cards. It might be helpful if your dad or you rang these the people and explained what has happened.

I am sure if these people knew the circumstances they would not have sent a card in the first place.

Take care.